4 easy ways for your funeral home to honor Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is celebrated throughout the United States to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good (read more about the history of Veteran's Day here...).

As many of you know, Veteran's Day is this Wednesday, November 11th - 4 days from today!

Here are 4 easy ways your funeral home can show support this week in honor of Veteran's Day...

1) Pick a veteran's organization and make a donation in honor of the veterans your funeral home served this year.

While making a generic donation is nice, making a donation in the name of the veterans you served this year is even more personal! There are a number of great organizations dedicated to serving veteran's that will even let you specify a person to make a donation "in honor" or "in memory of"!

Here is a CNBC list of top charities that support veterans. Of course the USO, US Veteran's Affairs, and Wounded Warriors always top the list for veterans charities, but as I perused this list, these ones I have never heard of caught my eye:

Hope for The Warriors: Military wives founded this organization in 2006 as they witnessed, first-hand, the effects of war on spouses and their families. The group's mission is to enhance the quality of life for post-9/11 service members who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty.

Puppies Behind Bars: Puppies Behind Bars (PBB) trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and once trained, the service dogs are placed, free of charge, with returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Homes for Our Troops: Homes for Our Troops build mortgage-free, specially adapted homes for multiple amputees and veterans with traumatic brain injuries. It also adapts existing homes to be handicap accessible.

2) Send a card to the family of the deceased

Order up a pack of American themed blank cards (like these on Amazon) and write a personal, hand written note to the family indicating that you are thinking of them this Veteran's Day and that a donation has been made in honor of the deceased veteran. Don't forget to include any certificate, donation card, etc. that was provided by the organization.

3) Create a social media donation campaign

Use an online fundraising website such as CrowdRise to create an online donation campaign. Creating your own campaign is super easy. Name the fundraiser with the funeral home's name, select a goal amount, select a charity organization, and simply promote.

Promote the campaign through the various social media channels of the funeral home and you personally. Also ask employees to get involved and promote it too! CrowdRise provides links for all the appropriate social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. They also provide a hyperlink to your campaign page to notify the community via other outlets.

4) Wear a yellow ribbon and also offer ribbons to visitors of the funeral home

While wearing a yellow ribbon traditionally represents a support of military service men and women at war and a sign of hope for a safe return, it is a great way to thank families and a subtle way to show your pride in the service members of the United States.

Give yellow ribbons for employees to wear this week in honor of Veteran's Day. Make extra ribbons for families to take and place in a clear glass jar in "high traffic" area of the funeral home, put a note that says...

"The employees of [funeral home name] are remembering America's veterans this week by pinning a yellow ribbon onto their clothing.

In addition, [funeral home name] has made a donation in the name of each veteran we have served this year to ___________ charity. Donations were made in the name of the following people: [include names-in bulleted list]

Please feel free to take a ribbon and pin onto your clothing to show your support for all United States veterans and active military service men and women."

We hope that this helps your funeral home create a meaningful and memorable Veteran's Day tribute. What other activities does your funeral home do to remember former service members?

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