About Danielle

So you want to know what excites me?  It's seeing that independent family owned and operated businesses succeed. Small businesses play an integral role in the economy and  well being of the United States.  While my expertise lies within the funeral industry (self confessed 3rd generation funeral gal), my enthusiasm for this topic transcends across all small business.


Day to day, I serve as the VP of Sales & Marketing for Thacker Caskets.  I work with funeral homes across 17 different states strategizing to help maximize their success - with the goal of turning the ever increasing negative pressures that plague the funeral industry into sources of opportunity. 


At home my husband, Tyler, is incredibly supportive of my career, holding the fort down as I spend many weeks a year away from home. Tyler works with family as a Project Manager at an independent commercial construction business based in DC, working with his father and brother-in-law.  


Together, Tyler and I have 3 year old daughter, Rilee.  Rilee is the perfect/dangerous combination of being very intelligent and very social - my poor husband (in another 15 years). She enjoys hanging with her two dogs, Mikey and Bailey, eating grapes, and hanging out at the pool. We also recently had another daughter, Layton, who at only a couple months old is as smiley as she could be... but be ready for a screeching cry when she wants her bottle!


When I am not on the road, I enjoy spending time at Deep Creek Lake doing all kinds of outdoor sports including wakeboarding, water skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.  I have also completed 3 half marathons, many other 5k/10k races, and like to hit the gym with Ty and Rilee.


DISCLAIMER :: One of the most important things that you should know about me is that I am constantly learning.  Life and circumstances change and none of my viewpoints are static - they are dynamic, adapting and evolving as circumstances change. Yeah, and I also apologize getting lazy and failure to re-read my posts for mispellings, grammatical issues, and typos.



 Intrigued yet?